Fitness Passport Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have access to at the Facility?

Fitness Passport Members have access to all of our Group Fitness Classes as per the current timetable. (The only area you don't have access to is the Upstairs Open Gym area, that is used for our Power Training which is just for Premium Members. If you wish to attend the Power Training, you are welcome to purchase one of our casual passes as per our Fee Structure.

Do I have to register before attending?

Yes, before attending our Facility, please register yourself as a Fitness Passport Member in our system. Click on our website: Click "Join Now" (top left) which will take you into our Booking & Payment System PT Minder, and then click "Sign Up" (top right). From there enter all of your contact details, and your pre exercise health screen information. Then click on our "Store" and buy a $0 Fitness Passport Membership. This will then allow you access to book classes in our booking system. Bookings are essential to ensure you are allowed access to the class. To make sure all of our clients get the best possible workout, we need to know how many are coming so we can organise sufficient space and equipment. All of the classes you have access to in the booking system will have a FP in front of it. Eg: FP-Circuit, FP-Functional. You will also need to present your Fitness Passport ID card so we can take a copy at Reception.

What if a class is booked out?

If the class is at capacity, please select to go on the Wait List and keep checking back, as when someone cancels, it will automatically drop you into the class, however you won't receive a notification.

Can I access the Creche?

Yes, your children can access the creche at our 9.15am, 4.30pm, 5.30pm classes. Fees are $3 per visit per child. If you wish to access the Creche you will need to attach payment detail to your PT Minder profile, and this will be charged to you at the end of the week for the previous week. At this stage there is no need for a booking system, however down the track one may be implemented if the need arises. A form must be completed for each child, and you must sign them in and out for each session.

Can I attend your other Programs?

Yes you are most welcome to register for any of our other Programs. We run quarterly Wellness & Weight Loss Programs. These are not included in your Fitness Passport Membership, however we are happy to give you a discounted rate. We also run 10 Week Next Gen Programs for Girls aged between 8 and 18. Details for these will be advertised prior to the Program starting.

What else do I need to know?

Please refer to our general FAQ's for information on what to bring, where to park, how to stay up to date on our socials, how to buy from the Embrace Shop, what to do if you have an injury or medical conditions, and what to expect.